All 2v2 matches

Player1: VELUND Score: -67Region: SA
Player2: Lossa Score: 70Region: NA
Player3: momo Score: 130Region: AF
Player4: NewPlayer Score: 51Region: EU
Game lasted: 00h:36m:01s
Player1: Cholos Score: -10Region: AF
Player2: Soolie Score: 99Region: EU
Player3: UncleBen Score: -21Region: NA
Player4: BN the RS Score: 49Region: RU
Game lasted: 00h:15m:33s
Player1: European Score: 0Region: SA
Player2: rez Score: 0Region: EU
Player3: XB-70 Score: 0Region: AF
Player4: NewPlayer Score: 0Region: RU
Game lasted: 00h:01m:51s
Player1: LegoCum Score: 73Region: AF
Player2: Scarface Score: 29Region: SA
Player3: hoov Score: 151Region: RU
Player4: Gage Score: 2Region: AS
Game lasted: 01h:11m:34s
BitCoin: 1BukV9cK5tfGKLZqeQktGqS7QJQjkk1Tms
uptime: 320 days, 10 hours, 54 mins.
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